By Jeff Jarvis
Updated July 30, 1984 12:00 PM

Jim McKay, back for his 10th Olympics, will anchor the prime-time coverage. McKay is TV’s most professional sportscaster, always a pleasure to watch. Daytimes will be handled by Frank Gifford and Kathleen Sullivan, the discovery of the Winter Games. And late at night your bleary eyes will be treated to Jim Lampley and former swimming champ Donna de Varona (a great swimmer as sportscasters go). Each sport has its own team of commentators. Loud Howard Cosell and quiet Chris Schenkel on boxing; Jack Whitaker on gymnastics with expert analysts Cathy Rigby, Kurt Thomas and Gordon Maddux; seven-medal-winner Mark Spitz on swimming with Lampley and de Varona; Al Michaels on track and field. You’ll hear more gab than at any political convention.