April 09, 1984 12:00 PM

by Stan Fischler and Shirley Walton Fischler

Been wondering who left-winger Hib Milks played with after he left the New York Rangers in 1932? (the Ottawa Senators). Can’t quite recall how many assists Eddie Litzenberger had for the Chicago Black Hawks in the 1958-59 season? (44). Forgotten the nickname of center Keith Christiansen of the World Hockey Association’s Minnesota Fighting Saints? (“Huffer”). Like Macmillan’s now-standard Baseball Encyclopedia, this book is a cornucopia for hockey buffs. It’s fat, full of small type and includes player-by-player data on pro hockey since the National Hockey League’s 1917-18 season, when the League’s four teams were the Montreal Canadiens, the Montreal Wanderers, those Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Arenas. The Fischlers are to hockey what the Durants are to world history. (Macmillan, $24.95)

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