March 31, 2008 12:00 PM

They’re ba-ack! Here’s your cheat sheet to watching—and gossiping about—Lauren & Co. as the MTV hit returns

WHEN WE LEFT HER Our doe-eyed heroine had just kissed sometime love interest Brody Jenner au revoir before leaving for Paris to work at last November’s Crillon Ball for Teen Vogue with pal Whitney Port.

WHAT’S IN STORE Before you can say “drama,” Brody turns up at an L.A. club with a new girlfriend—while Lauren’s in Paris. So she turns up the flirt herself, hopping on a moped with a handsome Parisian. More guys may surface in future episodes, but Lauren now tells PEOPLE, “I am single.” Sigh. She’ll also leave her internship at Teen Vogue (she’s focusing on her fashion line), and she and Audrina move out of their apartment and into a house with Lo Bosworth, their puppy Chloe and “a shoe closet!”

TO SOUND LIKE A HILLS EXPERT … Lament Lauren’s penchant for playboys like Brody and wonder aloud: “Will L.C. ever learn?” Marvel at her nonviolent encounters with the She-Pratt.


WHEN WE LEFT THEM Heidi’s friendship with Lauren was officially really, really over (Lauren and Spencer hate each other). The couple’s engagement was on the rocks too: They couldn’t agree on wedding plans, and Heidi headed home to Colorado.

WHAT’S IN STORE? Awkward moments for Spencer when he surprises Heidi at home. More bickering. “There are so many ups and downs,” promises Heidi.

TO SOUND LIKE A HILLS EXPERT … Roll eyes dramatically (à la Lauren) at any mention of a possible wedding.

BRODY JENNER Lauren’s ex has been dating model Cora Skinner for four months. (A new record?)

STEPHANIE PRATT The She-Pratt is back! Spencer’s sis may befriend Lauren.

LAUREN “LO” BOSWORTH “Lo has been an awesome roommate,” says Conrad of her live-in BFF.

WHEN WE LEFT HER Audrina had—finally!—split from shaggy bad boy Justin Bobby.

WHAT’S IN STORE She’ll have a run-in with her ex that “wasn’t planned,” she says. Plus, she’ll hook up with a new love interest and be cordial toward Heidi—much to Lauren’s dismay.

TO SOUND LIKE A HILLS EXPERT … Wager on the extent of Lauren’s fury. Wonder about Audrina’s extra-white teeth.

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