By People Staff
April 16, 1984 12:00 PM

by Howard Hillman

Most beer should be drunk as soon as possible after bottling (specifically in dark colored glass); exposure to fluorescent light gives it a bad flavor and “skunky” odor. Quick cooling is bad. Pour in the middle of the glass, not down the inside. After offering a lot of such advice, the author rates 500 beers. Five mugs means a “superb brew;” one means “poor.” Only 11 out of the 500 get that five-mug rating: four from the U.S. (Anchor Steam, New Amsterdam Amber, Sierra Nevada Porter and Stout), three are from West Germany, two from England and one each from Czechoslovakia and Ireland. Most of America’s best-sellers, such as Budweiser and Miller, rate two mugs. All the low-calorie light beers get zilch. The author, a Harvard MBA who has written more than 20 books, many on food and drink, loses some credibility by giving the delectable Shiner Premium of Texas only one mug. (Washington Square Press, paper, $5.95)