June 02, 1980 12:00 PM

by Harry and Michael Medved

The subtitle is “The Worst Achievements in Hollywood History,” and this roast of Oscar will be a banquet to bad-movie fans who may not know anything about cinema, but know what they don’t like. The categories and nominations are ingenious. To name three: Worst Performance by a Popular Singer (Tony Bennett wins for The Oscar); Worst Casting of All Time (John Wayne as Genghis Khan); Worst Credit Line (“Additional dialogue by Sam Taylor,” for Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew). Michael Medved, 31, is an aspiring screenwriter while Harry, 19, wrote The 50 Worst Films of All Time and is “the proud owner of one of the nation’s leading collections of Mamie Van Doren memorabilia.” Their lack of taste is impeccable, except on two counts. They choose Richard Burton as worst actor. And they earn the Most Dumb Mistakes on One Page of a Bad Movie Book Award, calling Susan Hayward “Susan Haywood” and Sylvia Kristel “Sylvia Cristell” both on page 167. (Perigee Books, $6.95)

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