December 15, 1986 12:00 PM

First introduced in 1982, the Glo Friends are a toy line based on a bunch of supposedly lovable lightning bugs. Since then those adorable insectophiles from Hasbro have endorsed a line of products including clocks, dinnerware and everything short of sports cars. This 23-minute animated tape is another obvious marketing ploy, but it does have its cute moments. Carroll O’Connor does the voice of Santa Claus—without his Queens accent. O’Connor’s old co-star, Sally Struthers, uses her sometimes intolerable screechiness to provide an appropriately nasty voice for Blanche, the wicked witch of the North Pole. Blanche is tired of being upstaged by Santa and imprisons the old guy in an ice cage. (She has an admirable ambitious streak; after she gets rid of Santa, she plans to go after the Easter Bunny.) If the Glo Friends can’t free him there won’t be any Christmas, and he won’t be able to deliver any presents, and people won’t be buying any Glo Friends stuff. So it’s easy to guess how resourceful the little devils get under pressure. They’re colorful, though, and go about their business with appealing brightness. (Children’s Video Library, $19.95)

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