November 28, 1983 12:00 PM

CBS (9-11 p.m. ET)

Kenny Rogers returns with a rollicking sequel to his popular 1980 TV Western. Rogers (whose 1978 hit song was the basis for the original movie) is good ole boy Grady Hawkes, a grizzled professional gambler. This time around he’s partnered with Linda Evans, who plays a saloon performer who can sling a gun as well as sing a note. And Bruce Boxleitner is back as a farm boy who wants to follow Rogers’ path into fame and riches. In this two-part miniseries, the trio inadvertently becomes involved in tracking down a gang of bad guys who rob the train on which they’re riding. There’s lots of shooting and brawling (and just a little loving) in this tale. Rogers is no Method actor, but in this nonsinging role he gives a nice, lived-in look to the character. And Linda Evans—who looks great in buckskins—shows that she has more range than her saintly wife role on Dynasty allows. (Part Two airs on Tuesday)

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