August 06, 1979 12:00 PM

NBC (9 p.m. ET)

These four half-hour comedy pilots from NBC’s larder of leftovers are mostly ham, corn and stale cheesecake. One is about a bored suburban couple; the wife’s spirits pick up when she meets a handsome stranger, but the show, Butterflies, stays grounded. Love and Learn concerns a newlywed egghead and his dumb blond wife (Candy Clark); it’s as mindless as it sounds. The Three Wives of David Wheeler include two pea-brained exes (Cathy Lee Crosby and Sherril Lynn Katzman) and the incumbent, Nancy Grigor, a newcomer who outclasses her material. Boss and Secretary has its moments—Richard Libertini plays a wild-eyed poet rhapsodizing about leather bedsheets—but the title characters are depressingly dumb and, anyway, didn’t Ann Sothern and Don Porter do this one 25 years ago?


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