April 20, 1987 12:00 PM

A lot of people who try to be funny don’t produce nearly as many laughs as this tape, a spin-off of the garish underwear catalogue that now has a national circulation of nearly six million. It’s just as well that there’s some comic and historic interest, too. While the tape was made seven years ago, it is only now being released by an independent company and isn’t worth much as a catalogue. The tape is hosted by Frederick himself (though he now says it misrepresents his store’s image). Frederick seems quite without a hint of self-consciousness as he describes the models flouncing about in bathing suits, dresses and what he pronounces as “Ian-juh-REE.” His idea of what is beautiful is also unique. He applies the word to, among other things, a brassiere that makes its wearer look like the front end of a 1958 Cadillac that has had bumper augmentation surgery. He also boasts about the five-inch high heels many of the models are wearing, even though it’s hard to even look at the shoes without wanting to fall right over on your nose. One male model wears a bikini the width of a fat thread. Frederick’s most frequent comment about his women’s clothes is that they are easy to get into or out of in a hurry. It may be that the mere knowledge that one’s mate is wearing something from Frederick’s is enough to send one into paroxysms of lust. This tape, however, is more likely to induce a mad desire to play Parcheesi. (Dusty Woods Entertainment, $29.95)

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