August 10, 1981 12:00 PM

The remarkable price tag on the 20th fully animated feature from the Disney people since 1937 was $12 million. Judging by the results, though, the money was well spent. The animation is marvelous, a feast of rich colors and fluid movements. The story is obvious but effective. Not realizing they are natural enemies, a baby fox and a puppy vow to remain friends for life. When they come of age, they find it’s not so easy to stick to youthful ideals. Some of that $12 million went to secure the “voice talents,” as the credits describe them, of such talkons as Mickey Rooney, Pearl Bailey and Jack Albertson. Their familiarity helps make this a painless experience for parents. It is, in any case, a film that’s sure to charm the kids. (G)

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