By People Staff
December 21, 1998 12:00 PM

by Cher, as told to Jeff Coplon

With all her triumphs, tragedies, comebacks and improbable romances, Cher’s life has been a juicy tell-all waiting to happen. But instead of a straightforward autobiography, Cher (aided by veteran author Jeff Coplon) has chopped her life into a series of anecdotes revolving around firsts such as “My First Bra,” “My First Infomercial” and “My First Shopping Spree.” While this cutesy gimmick works for lighter topics, it trivializes such serious matters as daughter Chastity’s coming out (“The First Time I Learned My Daughter Was Gay”), which is barely skimmed. Also, there is nothing about her feelings on turning 50 or the challenge of sustaining a long acting career. Which is a shame, because on the few occasions when Cher does dig into a subject—recounting her delightful times acting Off-Broadway or her horrendous ones working with director Peter Bogdanovich on Mask—it’s clear that underneath those revealing designer creations is one smart, strong, passionate woman. Let’s hope that if there’s an encore (and there should be), it shows more of this side. (Simon & Schuster, $25)

Bottom Line: Strictly a dress rehearsal