September 05, 1977 12:00 PM

No, Cindy Williams doesn’t reveal any more skin here than she does on Laverne and Shirley. That settled, there’s plenty of other undressing—including an all-nude tap-dancing chorus line—in this low-budget, irreverent parody of both porn flicks and the 1940s Andy Hardy let’s-make-a-musical movies (“Hey, my dad’s got a barn!”). All the numbers smack of college-boy humor, such as a tango called Perversions, but the energy and high spirits are irresistible. Co-director Bruce Kimmel turns in uneven but protean performances as screenwriter, lyricist and actor. He almost steals the show as a ridiculously naive director. Nudie is for movie buffs who want to catch young talents before they catch on. (R)

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