September 18, 1978 12:00 PM

by Robert Windeler

How did Shirley Temple survive when so many child stars didn’t? “I have always thought of her as ‘the little girl,’ ” explains Temple of her acting persona. “I know her well, and I even remember some of the dance routines she did, but she’s not me.” Her story is told here mostly in photographs. The painfully camera-conscious little girl with curls and dimples always posed cute as a button, and even at 50 the sometime U.S. diplomat knows exactly what to do for the cameras. But the most interesting character to emerge in this book is Shirley’s mother. Mrs. Temple created Shirley, directed and staged her every move, protected her from her own fame, yet always remained in the shadows. Author Windeler, a special correspondent in PEOPLE’S L.A. bureau, lavishes affection on his famous subject, whose banker father invested Shirley’s earnings so shrewdly that when she retired in 1949 she was a multimillionaire. (Citadel, $14.95)

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