August 10, 1992 12:00 PM

Showtime (Sunday, Aug. 9, 9 P.M. ET)


Woman-in-peril movies show up on TV as often as Dan Quayle jokes. This week’s entry is a routine thriller that stars Christine (Leaving Normal) Lahti as an agoraphobic-artist whose peaceful country home is invaded by a couple of crazed fugitives (Dylan McDermott and Jennifer Rubin) who are wanted for murder.

There are a few tense moments, thanks to Rubin’s manic-performance and some noir-ish camera work. The excitement evaporates as the story becomes increasingly predictable. When the movie gels down to its big finish, it has become more silly than scary.

The ending goes on forever, with Lahti continually breaking free from these wackos and then getting recaptured. Viewer interest is likely to wane long before Lahti gets around to tackling her fear of the outdoors.

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