May 04, 1981 12:00 PM

A dreadful suspense movie about a Miami sex fiend marks the feature debut of dewy-eyed dazzler Lauren Tewes of TV’s The Love Boat. After this unscreenworthy vehicle, what she really needs is a lifeboat. She plays a TV newscaster outraged by a string of gruesome rape-murders. (The killer likes to nickel-and-dime his victims to death first with obscene calls, then finish up with a cleaver.) In Hollywood, of course, intrepid TV women don’t just report crimes—they solve them. No cops seem to be even pursuing this case, but Tewes theorizes the killer is a high-rise neighbor and, impetuous sort that she is, tries to scare him into surrendering by making what amount to counter-obscene calls. Director Ken Wiederhorn has given us a bland-faced hulk (Joe DiSanti) as the culprit, a man with a very dirty mind, a very clean apartment and, no doubt, a huge dry-cleaning bill. When he answers Tewes’ third call, though, he yells, “I’ve had enough of this crap.” By the film’s final, 85th minute, audiences know how he feels. (R)

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