February 07, 1983 12:00 PM

Kate Bush

The brooding man’s Go-Go, Bush, a 24-year-old Britisher, is not known for lighthearted romantic rock. This album includes what seems to be a Viet Cong lament, Pull Out the Pin (“I’ll track him ’til he drops/Then I’ll pop him one he won’t see/He’s big and pink and not like me”), a song about a safecracker called There Goes a Tenner, and The Dreaming, about prejudice in Australia (“Many an aborigine’s mistaken for a tree/Til you near him on the motorway/The tree begins to breathe”). If you go to a Bush album seeking danceable melodies, you really are dreaming. She’s world-weary, and her sound is slightly dreary (just listen to the dirgelike background vocals). But there’s complex music and intelligence at work here. “I’m not a Pandora/I’m much more like/That girl in the mirror./Between you and me/She don’t stand a chance of/Getting anywhere at all.” Bush is an acquired taste worth cultivating.

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