By People Staff
December 02, 1996 12:00 PM


Adopting a pseudonym that alludes to the famed 16th-century Italian author of The Prince, Tupac Shakur recorded this album shortly before his death on Sept. 13. The CD kicks off with paranoid disses against well-known East Coast rappers Nas and Mobb Deep, as well as Shakur’s longtime nemesis the Notorious B.I.G., and the themes of revenge and violence are woven throughout the 12 tracks. Offering some moments of heartfelt introspection and compassion while describing romance in shoot-’em-up terms, “Me and My Girlfriend” is typical of Shakur’s deeply conflicted style. In light of how he died, all the bloodletting seems both preordained and sad. At the same time, Don Killuminati may be seen as Tupac’s last grand artistic statement. Quite frankly, the CD is not that good. (Death Row/Interscope)