February 03, 1986 12:00 PM

ABC (Sun., Feb. 2, 7 p.m. ET)


Disney returns to Sunday nights. At last. Hearing that old theme makes me feel 5 again, snuggled in my pj’s, postponing bedtime to feast on an evening of wholesome, Wonder-Bread TV about flubber or Old Yeller. But now the theme has been updated (with computer graphics) and so has that old Disney touch. This bread, while still plenty warm and wholesome, is now wry. Help Wanted: Kids, the first movie in Disney’s new series, stars Cindy Williams and hubby Bill Hudson as successful East Coasters who go to work in Arizona. Their new boss thinks they have kids, but Cindy and Bill have been too busy to start a family. So they hire two smart-mouthed brats to play the parts, kids who demand a high price to endure “unbelievable boredom with a couple of New York yuppies.” That’s not the sort of thing Disney kids used to say. But such light irreverence and humor is just what makes this movie a treat. From the looks of the first show, the new Disney will entertain both Baby Boomers and their babes. Walt would be proud.

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