By People Staff
June 11, 1979 12:00 PM

by Carol Ann Rinzler

Are the following old wives’ tales true or false? (1) Getting chilled means you’re more likely to catch a cold. (2) Butter soothes a burn. (3) A cold shower can kill sexual excitement. (4) Manure takes the sting out of insect bites. (5) Twins are slower intellectually than singly born children. The answers: (1) False. A chill is a symptom; it means you already have a cold. (2) False. Icy water is much better. (3) True. The body can’t concentrate on two major stimuli at once, and a cold shower wins every time. (4) True. A damp, cool dressing of manure can make itchy skin feel better. (5) False. Because twins’ parents must divide their attention, the children’s development—but not their intellect—may be slower. From Acne to Zinc Oxide, this is a fascinating book. (Crowell, $10)