February 01, 1988 12:00 PM

The Cucumbers

For people who mourn the fact that the GoGos went bye-bye, this Hoboken, N.J., quartet is dedicated to keeping frothy pop music alive. Lead singer Deena Shoshkes is no beachgirl; she looks (on the album cover) and sings like a nice haimisheh girl that a Jewish boy would like to bring home to Mom. At the same time, the playful songs she writes with lead guitarist Jon Fried (who in fact is her husband) make her naughty enough to be cool. In My Boyfriend she reveals her mixed feelings for a guy who “won’t wash the dishes or the sink or the floor or make the bed/He makes me so mad…and he makes me feel so sweet.” Shower is a sexy and bittersweet song with a message: The couple that wash together don’t always stay together. The Cucumbers have some trouble bringing enough variety to their sound. Then again, just like Cracker Jack, this musical confection is ideal for those times when what’s called for are a few tasty morsels and a not-too-demanding surprise. (Profile)

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