November 09, 1998 12:00 PM


At the time director Bennett Miller shot this excellent documentary in 1996 and ’97, Timothy “Speed” Levitch worked as a tour guide atop a Manhattan Gray Line bus. We ride with Levitch, a slight man in his 20s who has the oddball energy of a Martin Short character, while he treats the city as grist for a monologue full of random philosophical observations, some astute, some loony. He interrupts a rant about the unsupportable chaos of the city to note a new Ann Taylor store on the right, announces a landmark building and points to the sun. This funny eccentric has his disturbing side as well. Standing on the Brooklyn Bridge, he angrily recites a long list of indignities, and we glimpse raw, deep unhappiness. Levitch has since left the bus and now gives walking tours. Good luck to him. (No rating)

Bottom Line: A great ride

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