January 31, 1994 12:00 PM

ABC (Wednesdays, 8:30 p.m. ET)


Jay Sherman is a plump, balding, divorced New Yorker. But this nebbish pursues a noble profession: critic. He’s the host of TV’s Corning Attractions, on which he dismissively rates movies on the “Sher-mometer.” Oh, by the way, Sherman is a cartoon (voice by Jon Lovitz).

This animated series is slyly amusing when sticking it to showbiz, taking sarcastic swipes at everyone from Steven Seagal to Gene Shalit. At its best, it’s still several strides behind the savage, protean wit of The Simpsons, and the humor sputters when the focus is personal—detailing Sherman’s dating woes or his relationship with his son.

There is one moment I can’t let pass. A network honcho is approached by a PEOPLE reporter who wheedles, “Mr. Phillips, you’re fabulously wealthy. You’re a world-class athlete. You were great in bed last night. How does that feel?” How ridiculous this vignette is. PEOPLE staffers are pros. We would never use such a hyperbolic phrase as “fabulously wealthy.”

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