February 28, 1994 12:00 PM

Celine Dion

It’s getting tough to tell today’s pop ingenues apart. The third U.S. release from French-Canadian songbird Dion could be the latest from Marian Carey. Same power pipes. Same department-store song selection: spotless ballads on the ground floor, a few dance tunes upstairs and a midtempo toe-tapper or two riding the escalator.

Dion perfects her romantic pitch with The Colour of My Love. While vocal somersaults bog down Carey’s work, Dion quietly makes mushy blather sound like gospel. The hyperbole of “No Living Without Loving You” becomes almost believable, and the empty platitudes espoused in “Love Doesn’t Ask Why” resonate like glorious epiphanies. Dion still needs to find her niche, and taking any musical risk would be welcome. But with her current single “The Power of Love” riding the charts, she can probably coast through a few more albums. (Epic)

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