By People Staff
Updated July 24, 1995 12:00 PM

by Jane Heller

Beach Book of the Week

FIRED COOKBOOK EDITOR JUDY MILLS has a lot to fall back on—great legs, a handsome husband who makes big bucks as a commodities trader, a restored Connecticut colonial and membership in The Oaks, the prestigious country club where she hopes to network her way into a new job. But when Judy’s best prospect, feminist lawyer Claire Cox, is found bludgeoned to death in a sand trap, she finds herself taking on another assignment—working with sexy Det. Tom Cunningham as the police try to penetrate The Oaks’ wall of silence, and the mystery.

As sparks and wisecracks fly between the two, readers will recognize the suburban sleuth turf staked out by Susan Isaacs. But this breezy second novel shows that Heller, a Connecticut resident and former publishing executive, is also intimate with the territory. Knowing and naughty, her mystery is engaging enough to divert—but not enough that you forget to reapply the sunscreen. (Kensington, $19.95)