By People Staff
Updated March 26, 1979 12:00 PM

Play hooky. Unlike its spiritual predecessor, To Sir With Love, it lacks wit and warmth, even though, sad to say, it is the work of folks who know better. Glenda Jackson, a two-time Oscar winner, is at her least appealing—severe and frumpy simultaneously. Oliver Reed hasn’t given a good serious performance since 1970’s Women in Love, and his nasty headmaster here is no exception. And if Michael (An Unmarried Woman) Murphy accepts one more role as a whiny cast-off lover, he may be typecast for life. Nothing works for director Silvio (Georgy Girl) Narizzano—there is no story line, the lighting is dismal, and a grating punk rock tune even drowns the credits. The ads read “Makes Kotter and his Sweathogs look like a kindergarten.” What it really does is make Kotter and Co. look like Shakespeare. (R)