June 12, 1978 12:00 PM

This Anglo-Italian production is still another horror movie which expropriates the New Testament Book of Revelation prophecy of an Antichrist who comes to destroy the world. Only this time the Apocalypse comes not as a little boy, as it did in The Omen, a gruesome monster or even The Gong Show. It is a normal-looking chap (Simon Ward, best known for Young Winston), who wants to use a thermonuclear power plant being designed by his father (Kirk Douglas) as a doomsday device. Ward is effective in an easy role that mainly requires him to look sinister, but Douglas never seems able to muster much conviction for lines like “I’m not counting on God; I put my faith in nuclear energy.” The plot—spotted with a little nudity and a lot of ugly violence (the top of one head is lopped off by a helicopter)—is so sluggish that the end of the world seems like a welcome prospect if it gets this foolishness over with. (R)

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