December 01, 2003 12:00 PM

>PAUL NEWMAN’S BOOK In Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good, Paul Newman and partner A.E. Hotchner (above) offer tidbits about the brand they run for charity, Newman’s Own, as well as its namesake president.

HE’S FUSSY ABOUT HIS DRESSING Newman confesses that in a restaurant he once took a salad to the men’s room, washed off the dressing and put on his own. He also used to bottle dressing for his children for them to take to school.

HE WAS AN ENTERNATIONAL BEFORE WE WAS THE HUSTLER At Kenyon College in the 1940s Newman started a laundry service with suds, offering free beer to thirsty customers. He turned a profit of $80 a week.

THE FACE ON THE BOTTLE WASN’T HIS IDEA When someone suggested putting his mug on the packaging for Newman’s Own dressing, he said, “Not a chance in hell.”

HE MADE A SPLASH AT HIS OFFICE Instead of buying desks and chairs to furnish Newman’s Own office, he used his swimming pool furniture.

HE CAN POP HIS WAY OUT OF A JAM Newman does occasionally profit from his products: Pulled over for speeding, he once escaped without a ticket after the officer told him, “My God, we eat your popcorn every night.”

HE CAN JAM HIS WAY OUT OF A JAM While scouting for his charity the Hole in the Wall Gang, which runs summer camps for kids with illnesses, Newman was besieged by insects. He got them out of his way by donning a chefs hat and smearing a glob of strawberry jam on the peak, then continued with his work.

He CAN BUMBLE HIS WAY OUT OF A JAM After agreeing to work on a charity project with the 12th Duke of Manchester, Newman wrote the duke a $200,000 check but absentmindedly left it in his shaving kit. The offer turned out to be a fraud.

BUT YOU CAN CALL HIM… Among friends, he’s known as Calezzo de Wesso, or simply Bonehead.

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