April 05, 1982 12:00 PM

Chubby Checker

If Gary U.S. Bonds could pull it off, why shouldn’t Chubby try a comeback? After years on the oldies circuit, the man who inspired the early ’60s wickedest dance craze (the Twist, for you youngsters) has made a new record. With a saxophone blaring in the background on Running, he sounds like Bruce Springsteen. He apes Mick with a version of the Stones’ Under My Thumb, and Burn Up the Night is a charbroiled rocker. Checker’s band is not all that good, but its crudeness has a kind of ’50s charm, and though his voice has seen better days, it does have umph. Oh, yes, there’s a tune called T-82 with the lyrics “Come on, little miss, and do the Twist.” Get those hips limbered up.

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