By Leah Rozen
September 14, 1998 12:00 PM

Olivier Martinez, Aitana Sánchez Gijón

Martinez, as a French foundry worker in 1912, wins the company’s annual strength contest and for his prize is sent to Southampton to witness the launch of the Titanic. Shortly after he checks into his hotel, Gijón, a beautiful woman claiming to be a chambermaid on the doomed vessel, invites herself into his room for what proves to be an erotically charged but ultimately chaste night. The next morning she sails, and he returns home, intoxicated with romance. He becomes a local Spalding Gray, holding the town spellbound with increasingly detailed monologues about his imagined passion.

This French-language import might have been a pretty little fable about obsessive love, but the handsome Martinez, who has full, pouty lips and a tiny, inexpressive voice, seems less like a fool for love than a depressed fashion model. (No rating)

Bottom Line: Like the big ship, it sinks