July 31, 1978 12:00 PM

In the wonderful, if sometimes sterile, world of Walt Disney Productions, even a monster from another planet isn’t really scary. This one, Zunar J5/90 Doric Fourseven—who becomes known as Jake the Cat—has telepathic powers. But he serves primarily as foil for a typically brainless bunch of Disney scientists played by Ken Berry, Sandy Duncan and McLean Stevenson. The cast also includes Hans Conried, a voice for Walt’s studio since 1936. Only one human performer in a Disney film ever won an Academy Award (Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins). That leaves Rumple, the 15-month-old Abyssinian playing Jake, to gnaw on his toenails wondering if he’ll get the studio’s 27th Patsy—the animal kingdom’s Oscar. (G)

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