By People Staff
April 05, 1999 12:00 PM

by Lara Stein and Benjamin Yoskovitz

You’re in a state of disconnect with your boss. When blamestorming, she fingers you as the newbie, the lightweight or worse, the stress puppy. And sitting in that cubicle day after day is enough to make you go postal. Well, maybe you just need to leverage your skill set, like Tom Davis, the Silicon Valley scientist who devised this entertaining bingo spinoff. One day, inspired by a company blackboard covered with corporate jargon, he came up with a way to shuffle a database of buzzwords and generate bingo cards filled with them. The game has since spread faster than a computer virus (a mention in Dilbert helped). This guidebook, with dictionary and game cards, may help you actualize your dream, conceive killer apps and climb up the org chart. And without working 24/7! (Villard, $9.95)

Bottom Line: A win-win game