By People Staff
February 14, 1983 12:00 PM

by Arthur Hecht and Byron Stevens

“Audits are without doubt the most dreaded beasts in the business jungle.” An Audit in this book looks like an angry, prehistoric creature with briefcase and cigar, tongue slathering as it chases a panicked businessman through the grass. “The Interoffice Memo is an insectlike creature that flits from desk to desk carrying a sting.” In the illustration, a worker is being harassed by three of the ugly bugs, which have pincers, snouts and scorpionlike tails. “Bonuses are small, sickly animals that are often rumored to be larger and healthier than they really are.” There are 42 beasts in all included. The authors (Hecht has his own ad agency and Stevens is a journalist) know their business. The brisk and wild brush drawings are by Jack Medoff. This book will get some laughs around the office. (Stein and Day, $14.95)