>Nurse and breast-cancer survivor Hollye Jacobs’s new book helps patients find light in the darkness.

What silver lining can there possibly be to cancer?

When I was a patient, everything that could go wrong, did. I remember lying on the bathroom floor one day, looking and feeling like a bald skeleton, when my 90-lb. Labrador curled up next to me. Then my husband sat down and rubbed my head. I had the support and comfort I needed. Looking for a silver lining doesn’t negate feelings of sadness, fear and anger, but it helps get through them.

Why write a book?

I couldn’t find one that was simultaneously supportive and clinically credible. With my background, I can offer guidance as someone who’s been on both sides of the bed.

And you include photos.

So much of patients’ fear comes from the unknown. My friend Elizabeth’s photos of me during chemo and after surgery help demystify the experience.

What are your top tips?

Inform your children early, learn to ask for help, take a list of questions to doctor visits—and just be kind to yourself

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