September 28, 1981 12:00 PM

by Christopher P. Andersen

Did you know that Woody Allen was married to someone named Harlene Rosen before he wed Louise Lasser? Or that Johnny Carson is “quiet, reflective” and makes maybe $ 15 million a year? That Bianca Jagger’s mother runs a diner in Nicaragua? That Marie Osmond says she is “insane” on dates and goes “dancing in parking lots”? If such information brightens your days, then this new Who’s Who of celebritydom is for you. There are funny quotes: Candice Bergen says, “Living in L.A. is like not having a date on Saturday night.” Real names are revealed (Robby Benson is really Robert Segal), and so are vital statistics about birthdates, education, religion, children, etc., for more than 500 of the famous—along with zippy 500-word biographies and many photographs. Andersen, a PEOPLE senior editor, is right at home with these flashy citizens, and his new book is handsomely put together. (Putnam/Perigree, $19.95)

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