March 24, 1980 12:00 PM

by Irving Wallace, David Wallechinsky, Amy Wallace and Sylvia Wallace

Each member of the Wallace household turns out his own books, of course, but occasionally they gang up on a biggie. This sequel, the literary equivalent of a telethon except that it’s for profit, was inevitable after the family’s 1977 original became a best-seller. To create these new lists, the Wallaces—as if four weren’t enough—also enlisted the aid of celebs. Jane Fonda and Princess Grace enumerate the best movie actresses, Andrew Wyeth the greatest American paintings, Neil Simon the funniest plays, Isaac Stern the best violinists. Writer Richard Armour adds a list of the 20 worst puns, including a definition of an egotist as “a man who’s always me-deep in conversation.” The result is a book to thumb through in private because it’s so dumb—and addictive. (Morrow, $12.95)

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