September 20, 1982 12:00 PM

by Doreen Gluckin, M.D.

What a relief to open this book by a 32-year-old woman doctor and read that the female machine is in its prime just as the first silver threads show up and the thighs begin to fall! In a gentle and encouraging tone, Gluckin points out that a healthy body need not be thin, merely “unfat.” She explains simply, under bold headings, a number of important facts about skin, sex, fertility, drugs, aches and pains, diet and the female psyche. (Sorry, guys, this book discusses only women.) Although she is appalled by alcohol—”poison, pure and simple”—Gluckin, a Savannah, Ga. internist, is inspiringly cheerful about the age so many young women fear. “It’s a splendid time of life,” she counsels. “Go out and run with it.” (Evans, $12.95)

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