By People Staff
October 31, 1983 12:00 PM

by Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding

As this collection of scripts proves, Bob and Ray are still radio’s greatest comedy team. They do soap operas: “Welcome again to Garish Summit and its endless story of intrigue among the socially prominent. There—in stately splendor far removed from the squalid village below—the beautiful people fight their petty battles over power and money.” They do sports reports: “This is Biff Burns emanating from mikeside here in the Biff Burns Sports Room…chatting with one of the truly dominant figures in sports, Edgar Barnhorst.” They do decorating tips: “Are you ashamed of hanging flypaper in your home that clashes with the color scheme of your other furnishings?” Elliott and Goulding have known from their beginnings 37 years ago that reality—as we hear it on the radio—is only a few syllables removed from utter nonsense. Their humor is as marvelous in these scripts as it is on the air. (Atheneum, $13.95)