July 31, 1989 12:00 PM

Holly Dunn

Dunn, star of the stable at the now-defunct MTM records, is with a bigger outfit but hardly out of her league. And she has stuck with the guys what brung her, co-producing this album with her brother, Chris Waters, and using such familiar allies as guitarists Mark Casstevens and Steve Gibson in her backup band.

Those newcomers to Dunn’s albums who are on hand include fiddler Rob Hajacos and Dolly Parton, who adds a backup vocal on her tune, “Most of All Why.” That’s one of the album’s highlights, along with Waters’s “No One Takes the Train Anymore,” which bemoans the era of fast exits, and a Paul Overstreet-Don Schlitz song, “There’s No Heart So Strong.”

Dunn’s voice is always a pleasure to hear. So even though there are moments on the album where she seems too contained—almost cautious—those moments don’t do any critical damage to an engaging package of clean-toned country music. (Warner Bros.)

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