By Tom Gliatto Paul Chi Lesley Messer
May 12, 2008 12:00 PM

>• The Houston native, 35, has a tiny streak of the geek he plays as a physicist on the CBS sitcom.

ON THE SHOW’S SCIENCE BABBLE Every week is a brand-new nightmare! Almost 99 percent of it means nothing to me when the script comes down. I have a physics dictionary that helps me. There are times I can roll the dialogue off my tongue without hiccupping—it’s so drilled into my head.

ON HIS OWN PERSONAL QUIRKS I’m addicted to schedules! I know the night before what I need done by such and such time. It’s to the point where I know I will be eating my oatmeal by 8:45 am. Maybe it’s really good time management, but I think it’s a little psychotic.

ON THE LOSS OF HIS FATHER He died in a car accident in April 2001. He wasn’t able to see my work on film and TV, but he would be elated by it. He had talked my mom into letting me major in theater—he was the one who was very much supportive in my decision to become an actor. I feel that I am experiencing this all with him.