September 09, 1985 12:00 PM

by Judy Mazel

The success of Mazel’s much maligned 1981 best-seller, The Beverly Hills Diet, swept her from an L.A. diet salon into her self-described role as “lover of lords, barons, and European superstars.” Now she’s out to help all those presumably slim fame and fortune fanatics who lust to go Hollywood. Even her chapter titles—A Star Is Born, Stage Fright, Go for It!—read like an 8-year-old’s pop psychology guide to positive thinking. In a Judy-knows-best tone, Mazel preaches self-appreciation through such techniques as admiring yourself in the mirror. Where mind-set isn’t enough, Mazel urges stronger medicine, from exercise to cosmetic surgery. Mazel also provides guidance in party giving, jet setting and home decorating. Some of her advice may raise self-confidence. Most of it will raise the hackles of those readers to whom “style” means something more than knowing the way to Rodeo Drive. (Stein and Day, $14.35)

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