May 16, 1983 12:00 PM

by Sandy Huffaker

Here are two cartoon books that make absolutely no sense. They are just funny. Baxter, a peculiar London illustrator who has published such volumes as Fruits of the World in Danger, usually draws scenes to go along with captions that sound like lines from very bad books. For example, a sketch of one cowboy pulling his six-shooter on another is captioned, ” ‘We’ll have no alliteration in this here bunkhouse!’ snorted McCulloch.” There is in this book also a series of “Great Failures of Our Time” such as “The First Hula Hoop,” which seems to be square. Baxter thrives on understatement, irony, parody and exaggeration. He is also good at both sequiturs and non sequiturs. Huffaker is a Chattanooga-born artist who now lives in New York. He does not suffer from an excess of cranial hair and obviously put a lot of himself into his little book, which includes such suggestions for the bald as “Grow a beard and turn your head upside down.” If laughing grew hair, this book would be a miracle cure. (Baxter: Knopf, $7.95; Huffaker: Evans, $.3.95, paper)

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