By Leah Rozen Paul Chi Lisa Ingrassia Melody S. Wells
May 26, 2008 12:00 PM

John Leguizamo, Katherine Waterson, Cynthia Nixon | R |


The first half of this movie is both involving and disquieting, as teenage babysitter Shirley (Waterson, the talented daughter of Law & Order stalwart Sam Waterson) begins sleeping with her charge’s married dad (Leguizamo). Early scenes show with delicate nuance how the relationship between the two deepens emotionally, even as he guiltily slips her cash far in excess of her hourly child-care fee. But soon Shirley turns teen madam, recruiting friends to babysit—code for sleep with—other dads. As she greedily counts her green, Babysitters devolves into salacious melodrama. That said, tyro director-writer David Ross shows promise, and I’m eager to see what Waterson does next.