December 18, 1995 12:00 PM

by Lee Lorenz

You can just picture Eustace Tilly, the dandy who graced The New Yorker’s first cover, arching his high brow approvingly over this striking collection that celebrates the magazine’s 70th birthday Veteran New Yorker editor Lorenz’s behind-the-scenes narrative is pleasant but bland; the real bite is in the 400 cartoons, covers and drawings, like “Bram Stoker’s Bambi” (with fangs). Ah, what’s poor Thumper to—I do? (Knopf, $40)


There are people who catch movies, and people who live for movies. The latter will go bonkers for Chronicle of the Cinema: 100 Years of the Movies (D.K. Publishing, $59.95), a pricey but fact-packed survey of the art form. Even livelier is Movie Time (Macmillan, $19.95) which serves snack-size stats trivia and year-by-year Hollywood highlights. More into music? The New Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll (Fireside, $25) now includes more than 1,800 artists of all stripes—where else can you get the goods on Twisted Sister and Conway Twitty on the same page? And couch potatoes need not do without this holiday season: 1,201 Toughest TV Trivia Questions of All Time (Citadel $9.95) is a tasty treat for small-screen buffs The legal capacity of Cheers? Herman Munster’s body temperature? Oscar Madison’s Get a fraction of these right, and you deserve a master’s in TV minutiae. (Answers: 75; 62.8; lasagna and fries)

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