October 15, 1979 12:00 PM

Bianca Jagger’s screen debut is all but lost in this mess of a nonstory. Jeff Bridges, married to the boss’s daughter, is sorely unhappy with his lot. His co-workers sneer, his wife will allow sex on Friday only and the old man would like to fire him. Then, to woo back his wife, he disguises himself as a small-time hood who is everything her milquetoast husband isn’t. If the premise is Shakespearean, the execution is amateur; the movie unreels like spliced-together outtakes. There are interesting performances: As the pampered wife, Belinda Bauer is at times brilliantly loopy. Ned Beatty competently plays her father. And Bianca, as a hooker employed to aid Bridges’ performance in bed, looks very sexy. They don’t compensate for a film, however, that is far from a success. (PG)

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