March 06, 2006 12:00 PM


With their gold second album, Move Along, featuring the Top 10 hit “Dirty Little Secret,” and a tour launching March 15, these Rejects have been embraced by the public. We caught up with singer-bassist Tyson Ritter, 21.

ON HOW THEY GOT THAT NAME We were trying to think of a name that was funny. Someone said the All-Americans. Someone said the Rejects. And then the All-American Rejects were born. We’re all from Oklahoma. You can’t get more all-American than that. And we used to be the ones who would be playing music instead of getting real jobs, real girlfriends, all that. So we were different than everyone else. Now that things are going well, the name is kind of ironic, but it’s still very accurate.

ON THE JOY OF TOURING It’s a secret agent’s life. It’s a different city every day. Rules aren’t enforced as much, and you can party as much as you want to. I love it. I’d tour all the time if I could.

ON HIS RELATIONSHIP STATUS I’ve fallen into the rock and roll cliché: I’ve got a supermodel girlfriend [Kim Smith], and I love her. We’ve been together almost three years. It’s an exciting life, and I get to have her with me.

ON THE BAND’S BEST-KEPT SECRET We’re just regular guys. We’ve got the Midwest thing going on. We aren’t the typical rockers who are used to all the stuff. We’re simple kids who are in a little bit over our heads but having a great time.

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