June 17, 1985 12:00 PM

by Alice B. Toklas

The 30th anniversary edition of this classic includes a brief note by Simon Michael Bessie, Toklas’ original editor, on how she came to write the book. There’s a foreword by author M.F.K. Fisher, who discusses Haschich Fudge, popularly known as Alice B. Toklas brownies. Although she claims that not a single transporting brownie crumb has passed her lips, Fisher says she’s been advised that “(1) they are absolutely without effect and (2) they are potentially lethal.” Never mind. Toklas’ chatty reminiscences of Gertrude Stein make splendid reading and the 350-plus recipes, if heavy on butter and cream, are as good as they were in 1954. (Harper & Row, $14.95)

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