June 03, 1985 12:00 PM

by Seymour Siwoff, Steve Mirdt and Peter Mirdt

Siwoff is to baseball statistics what Babe Ruth was to home runs. His Elias Sports Bureau has compiled major league stats since 1975. (The Mirdts are his assistants.) This fat book is only for the hard-core fan who needs to know what the Minnesota Twins’ record was last year in games in which Jim Eisenriech led off (0-2) or how well Walt Terrell of the New York Mets did in night games (won 10, lost 6, against a 1-6 record in day games). Empires have never fallen on the basis of that kind of detail, but you can’t beat it for whiling away a rain delay. (Collier, $12.95)

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