March 23, 1987 12:00 PM

Including a shape-up program for all racquet sports, this is a thorough, 75-minute exercise-plus-instruction tape shot in Aspen. Start with a 35-minute aerobics-calisthenics workout with racquet in hand, created by Dr. Julie Anthony, a former opponent of Wade’s on the pro tennis circuit and now a sports medicine specialist. Move on to 15 minutes of warm-down stretching to help prevent injuries and end with a segment on weight training for tennis. As a guide Wade is gracious, never tiresome. Between routines that develop balance, coordination and stamina, she demonstrates footwork drills and other tips: To avoid tennis elbow, slip a thick rubber band around your fingers, then open and close your hand. After watching this tape, you may not play like Wade, but you are less likely to become a weekend casualty. (Vision Media, $29.95)

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