November 27, 1989 12:00 PM

by William Shatner

Shatner has spent so much time in space, writing a sci-fi novel seems logical for him. Just don’t expect any Klingons.

The Enterprise skipper’s first novel is set in 2120, in a world of kamikaze android assassins and an addictive brain stimulant called tek. A former cop (and former tekkie) is paroled from an orbiting prison—he is serving 15 years of suspended animation—so he can search for a missing electronics expert and his daughter in Mexico. If you find this description enticing, well, it sounds much better than it reads.

Shatner tries to disguise language and narrative weaknesses under a blizzard of futuristic details and a pell-mell plot. It’s a nice try, but Tek War is undone by superficial characters and stilted dialogue. Even devout Trekkies won’t care to become tekkies. (Ace/Putnam, $17.95)

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