September 28, 1981 12:00 PM

by Delia Ephron

The subtitle of this little book is “How to Die of Embarrassment.” Ephron, who wrote 1978’s equally silly, equally amusing How to Eat Like a Child, has total recall—with help from relatives and friends—of the pains of adolescence. Believe her, it’s utter hell. For males who’ve always wondered what goes on at a slumber party, all is revealed, including a chilling account of how teenybopper practical jokers put friends’ bras in the freezer overnight. A chapter on “How to Talk to Your Mother” is full of teenage vicious-ness, and the chaos of the classroom is perfectly described in “How to Attend Social Studies Class.” This is the real teen thing, no doubt about it, as nasty and sex-obsessed as we remember. Edward Koren’s homely, big-nosed characters provide the perfect illustrations for Ephron’s sweaty-palmed Inferno. (Viking, $9.95)

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